Litigo is not owned, operated, or affiliated in any way with Chex Systems Inc. or its parent Fidelity National Information Services (also known as FIS). Litigo cannot remove, update, or verify a consumer’s file in the CHEXSYSTEMS database, which is owned and operated by Chex Systems, Inc.  Litigo can assist you in filing a dispute against the negative information that banks have reported to Chex Systems.  Contact Litigo  to help resolve your issues quickly and effectively today 1(877) 432-4818.

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  • 7 Years Is A Long Time

    By law ChexSystems can report the information from the bank for up to 7 years. Call Litigo Today.

How Filing Dispute Can Help?

Restore Your Banking Privileges Quickly.

At Litigo℠ our goal is to provided you with the excellence you deserve when disputing information listed in the ChexSystems. Check the System and work to get your issues cleared from their database.

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We understand that the dispute process can be difficult to navigate, which is why are main purpose is to insure that you are successful in filing proper disputes on the information listed in ChexSystems

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So what is ChexSystems and how can being reported effect you?

ChexSystems is a consumer credit reporting agency much like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. How they differ is that the major 3 credit reporting agencies manage data about how a consumer handles their credit relationships with verious lenders. They maintain data reported to them by banks and credit unions that have closed checking or savings accounts due to negative activity. It is owned by Fidelity Nation Information Services or (FIS).

This means that the more than 80% of banks that report to ChexSystems and close an account due to negative activity like overdrafts, NSF, bounced check deposits, and suspected fraud activity will provided the information on the individual who’s account was closed to ChexSystems. Now if that individual goes to another bank that uses their data in the approval process for opening an new account. They will see that, that individual has had a previous issue with a different banking institution, and this information can weigh on the decision making for that bank to approve or deny the opening of that account. While the final decision to approve or deny an account is ultimately for that bank to make. The information provided by ChexSystems & other credit reporting agencies like Early Warning Services can have a major impact on their decision.

With over 9,000 different banking institutions, at over 100,000 different branches update the information that is reported to ChexSystems nearly 350,000 times a day. The options become very limited on the amount of banks that don’t use this type of information to approve, or deny an account. Chex Systems Inc. is located in Woodbury, MN and you can call them directly to order a copy of your consumer report at 1 (800) 428-9623 or go directly to their website by clicking here and order the report. They are required by law to provide you with a copy of this report once a year free of charge. If you are trying to reach a live agent at ChexSystems directly they will not provide a consumer with information without you first having a copy of your consumer report but you are free to contact them by calling 1-800-513-7125 you will select the language you prefer, then Press 7 to get to a live agent that will assist you with ordering your report in the mail. There is currently no way to receive this information automatically online.

Credit Reporting Agencies like Chex Systems Inc. are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and as with any other Consumer Credit Reporting Agency, you have the right to dispute negative information contained in your Consumer Reports.

How Litigo ℠ Can Help You?

Litigo ℠ can help by Filing a dispute for removal of the information banks have listed in “the ChexSystems database” you can….

Open A New Bank Account

Start banking where you want to bank not where you can.

Cleared From ChexSystems

By filing dispute you can be cleared from ChexSystems.

Stop paying high fees.

No more fees from second chance account or pre paid.

Restore your banking.

get out of ChexSystems and restore your banking.

How can filing dispute against the information banks have reported to Chexsystems help you restore your banking privileges?

While there is no guarantee that filing a dispute against the information the banks have listed in the their database will get you the results you want. Using our proven methods that have worked for thousand of others just like yourself will drastically improve your chances. Also not filing dispute will mean that banks that use information reported to ChexSystems as part of their approval process would continue to deny you an account.

The experience you need for success.

With more then 40 year of experience in the consumer services industry Litigo ℠ provides the ability to successfully navigate the dispute process to solve your negatively reported issues quickly. Our experience provides us with the resources, and expertise that is necessary to properly dispute the listed information in ChexSystems’s database. Make sure to work with a trusted company to help you resolve the issues you are having, our company has a top BBB rating and has been in business since 2007 we ensure that your dispute of the the inaccurate information banks have reported goes smoothly.

Regain Banking Privileges and stop using second chance accounts

Checking and savings accounts are mishandled daily, but this does not mean that you are at fault for some of the many harsh infractions that the banks have usually reported under a consumer file at ChexSystems. They only allows member institutions to access this information in order to assist in assessing the risk of opening new accounts. Only those affiliated with this database will be able to view any information available. Litigo ℠ is the only company with a safe, efficient, reliable way to improve your chances in disputing inaccurately reported information to Chexsystems. Contact one of our highly trained specialists today who will asset you in the entire process to file your disputes for your request for removal from their records.

Litigo ℠ is not owned, operated, or affiliated directly with Chex Systems Inc. or Fidelity Nation Information Services or (FIS), and does not claim ownership to their company name, logos, trademarks, or database. However Litigo ℠ can assist you in properly filing a dispute against the negative information that banks have reported to “the ChexSystems database”. Contact Litigo ℠ for assistance in filing your disputes today.