Information About ChexSystems

>>Getting Around Chexsystems<<
Chexsystems is an information sharing association that provides details about checking and savings accounts.
Like the credit bureaus, Chexsystems reports negative information about you to banks and financial
institutions. By sharing this information they can provide a level of protection to the banks to avoid
opening accounts for people who have bounced checks or have had any kind of NSF abuse in the past. Litigo can help you dispute this information.

Chexsystems can provide your consumer score, although it can vary from your credit score. You can order
your Chexsystem’s consumer report by visiting the website  Like the credit
bureaus, Chexsystems will provide you one free copy per year under FACTA. (Fair and Accurate
Credit Transaction Act).

Litigo Inc. is not owned, operated, or affiliated in any way with Chex Systems Inc. or its parent Fidelity National Information Services (also known as FIS). Litigo cannot remove, update, or verify a consumer’s file in the CHEXSYSTEMS database, which is owned and operated by Chex Systems, Inc. Litigo can assist you in filing a dispute against the negative information that banks have reported to Chex Systems. Contact Litigo for assistance 1(877) 432-4818.

>>Filing a Dispute with Chexsystems<<
If you have a negative Chexsystem record you should clear it up as soon as you can and of course, if you
have outstanding bank fees or NSF checks you will need to pay those to clear your record. Anything
unpaid will remain on your record for 5 years. If you don’t agree with the findings in your report you can
file a chexsystems dispute. Provide any proof you have to backup your story of the error. You can contact Litigo for help with this.

If that doesn’t resolve the error for you then go straight to the bank that’s reporting it and ask that they
clear your record. Submit proof of the error and if all goes well you should have an investigation result
in about a month. If you need help then contact Litigo.

If you were reported to ChexSystems by a previous bank that has closed your account, you do have options to restore your banking privileges. Contact a specialist at Litigo today to discuss the options you have in this matter. You can reach Litigo directly at 1-(877) 432-4818 call us today for guidance in resolving your issues.

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