Order Your ChexSystems Consumer Report

You can order a copy of your ChexSystems® consumer report completely free and learn what information, if any, banks have listed in your consumer file at Chex Systems Inc. If you were denied a bank account or credit union account in the last 60 days, and the information reported to ChexSystems® was used in the decision process, your consumer report from Chex Systems Inc. will help you to understand what banks have reported bank account closures and what may have contributed to the decision the bank made to deny your account.



If you are trying to get a copy of your business consumer report or prefer to phone in your request. you may do so by calling this phone number which is a direct line to Chex Systems Inc. 1 (800) 428-9623 please note that you will be using an automated systems that Chex Systems Inc. has provided for consumers to phone in their requests to their consumer report. Also be advised that there are no live agents for assistance at this number. This is only for requesting the copy of your consumer report. If you are looking to speak to a live agent at Chex Systems Inc. directly you will need a copy of this report first before and your consumer id number listed on the report for any live assistance from Chex Systems Inc.

Consumer Service Group Inc. is a 3rd party company that assists consumers with navigating the dispute process against information banks have reported to Chex Systems Inc. If you would like to order a copy of this report directly from Chex Systems Inc. website you can do so by clicking here.